January 2015…a time which my family and I will never forget…

To hear the words, “Your daughter has brain cancer”, well, there’s just no easy way to describe that feeling. Yes those words would forever change my family’s lives.

Once all treatment plans were discussed and decided upon, treatment began. Watching your child go through radiation and chemo, all you want to do is take the pain and frustration away and see her smile again.

Then one day, out of the blue, a brightly colored post card arrived in the mail, drawn by a youngster and covered in smiles. It was the cutest, most thoughtful thing my daughter remembers receiving during the most difficult time of her life! And how do you make this even sweeter??!!! The cards continued to arrive during her treatment, which was a long six weeks. Reading these postcards, knowing they came from perfect strangers, made my daughter’s journey more bearable.

Learning the cards came from Sending Smiles, a non-profit organization started by two young sisters, who just want to bring joy and smiles to the sick and hospitalized, made these deliveries that much more appreciated. The fact that two young girls could think of comforting total strangers and receive nothing in return was truly amazing. Just when you think nothing good can happen during such a difficult time, Alex and Ashley showed that an anonymous smile speaks volumes.

I’m a true believer in Sending Smiles and support this organization to this day. What they do every day is remarkable. A truly selfless act that restored my faith in this world, proving there IS good among mankind.

Oh and by the way, my daughter has been in remission now for a full two years!! We continue to count our blessings each and every day. We are grateful that Sending Smiles came through for us during the most difficult of times. They are angels on earth, sending smiles every step of the way!!!


Kathi Flynn